Absolute Media Domains

Domain Registrant Obligations

Absolute Media is a trading name of Enterfirst Ltd

1.1 Any domain names registered through Absolute Media will not be used unlawfully.

1.2 Any domains registered through Absolute Media will not be in bad faith or considered under the terms of the Nominet registration agreement to be an abusive registration.

1.3. Any domains registered through Absolute Media will not infringed on the legal rights of any 3rd party.

1.4 You agree that whilst we will try to register the domain name you have requested we cannot guarantee the registration of any domain name. Notwithstanding that domain names are available on a first-come-first-served basis, it may not be possible to register your chosen name even if it is shown as available. If we are unable to obtain your requested name you will be offered a full refund or can choose an alternative name that you are happy with.

1.5 Registrants will provide (and update when necessary) accurate information to include your name, address, email address and telephone number. Where the domain name has been registered for an on behalf of a company you will provide the full company name.

1.6 Registrants acknowledge that incorrect domain registration information may lead to the suspension or deletion of your domain without refund or compensation.


We will provide you with no less than 30 days notice in advance of your domain name registration expiry. If you have not renewed your name by this time, the domain name will enter a 30 day grace period where it can still be renewed. At the end of the grace period the domain will enter the redemption period the domain can still be renewed. However, after around 90 days from the original expiry date the domain will enter a pending delete stage. It is not possible to renew domain names during the pending delete stage. At the end of the pending delete stage the domain will be released again by the registry and will be available on a first-come-first-served basis.

We recommend setting domain names to automatically renew and subject to payment for the registration being made we can arrange this service to help protect your domain registration from unintended expiry.

Our Charges

Absolute Media offers a domain registration service of £59 per year per domain. We also a selection of pre-registered so called 'Premium' domains which subject to availability are available for lease or sale and will be priced on request.

Nominet Terms and Conditions

All registrants should be aware that all domains that are registered are subject to Nominets Terms and Conditions which can be found here:

https://media.nominet.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Terms-and-Conditions-of-Domain-Name-Registration-24-04-2020-v1.pdf ​ Customer Complaints Please raise your initial complaint by email

If you are have contacted us and are not satisfied with the outcome, level of service you received or the way in which your issue has been dealt with, then please follow our complaints procedure and submit your complaint in writing to the address below

Enterfirst Ltd
14th Floor
33 Cavendish Square

We will acknowledge receipt in writing within 3 working days of receiving your complaint, and after investigation, a full response will be provided within ten working days.

For all abuse complaints please contact info@absolutemedia.com